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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

well, darnit my kids woke up so it might be awhile till I can get this together! But if you use a templete, do you put a pin in the center when you slide it off and twist it? It kind of looks like your loops are getting moved at some point. I also never use a gator bite, I find that just a regular alligator clip is good enough for me! I start twisting with just the pin in the center and once i get it almost complete I put the little clip on there and perfect it. On the back of your bow--before you sew--are the two ribbons going across (horizontal) completely straight across and not tilted one way or another at all? They need to be completely straight! Also you have to move the ribbon that match up with the ends together--if that makes sense?--you have to make sure that they are completely matched up, not off like they are in your pic. Those are the most important tips.
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