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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by DelaMay09 View Post
Oh that sounds great now where can I find this felt stuff your talking about? I'm currently sewing my elastic, then I sew on a 1/2 inch of 3/8 gg ribbon to cover up the elstic stitching and neat'n it up a bit. The I sew the bottom layer of the flower bloom petal to the band but I hide my stitches when I sew it on. Then I glue the flower together and embellish it. Yeah I know a ton of work lol now you can see why I'm asking all my questions. I need to streamline this so I can get these babies made and sold lol.
okay on mine I had covered the elastic too, but after adding the felt I realized that it didn't matter because you don't see it after you cover it with felt. The felt I used it from Joanns off the bolts, but you might be able to use the sheets of felt from Joanns?!? I just hot glued all my petals together so I knew they wouldn't come apart, then I hot glued it on the elastic as like a "stay put for the moment". Then I cut out a cirlce of the felt, put hot glue ALL over it and just slapped it on the bottom of the flower. It ends up covering the sewn part of the elastic as well as the bottom of the flower. It looks nice and clean and since its all fabric like I wasn't worried about using hot glue because I know its strong on that.
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