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Default Re: How do you attach clips to cotton beanies

Originally Posted by View Post
I sew a button hole
I couldn't remember which member sewed in button holes!
I tried so many times to do this, but the material keeps getting stuck, I guess because of how thick it is and stretchy?

How do you get it to continue on, without just staying in one place? I am new at sewing.
It works great on just plain cotton material. I have an auto button hole maker on my singer machine.
I am using an all purpose foot, not sure if that is why. I have tried the tension in auto, all the way to a -3 and a +3 to see if any would work. It get half way down one side, then just sits in one place and build up a bunch of thread, one on top of the other!
Getting so frustrated! I am also stubborn and get mad at myself IF I can't figure out how to do new things!

If you have any suggestions to throw my way to try, I would really appreciate it! I have lots of beanies and 1 ruined one to keep trying on! LOL

I guess if I can't get this down, I will be glueing on ribbon. Probably easier too!
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