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Originally Posted by shinrin View Post
QUOTE=hipgirl;101]You can purchase fabric stiffener from craft store, for example:

Or you can buy liquid starch from Walmart.

Or you can make your own liquid starch.

1. 1/2 cup potato starch flour (better than the cornstarch) in 2.5 cups water.
2. mix the starch into a small amount of cold water, and while stirring to keep it from settling out, add boiling
water. The boiling water will cook the starch and turn it transparent.
Hi Michelle,

Do i keep stirring after adding boiling water to the starch? Mine didn't turn out transparent but instead thick and white. Is it surppose to be watery or thick? [/quote]

It should be watery. Did you mix the starch into small amount of cold water first? Seems that the water temprature is not high enough so it's not transparent (half cooked). Try to use 1:6 (starch:water).

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