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Default Re: aaaahhhh bottlecaps!!

OK - here is what has worked for me. My coffee pot is insulated, hence - I have no burner that actually gets hot under it! Strange!!! I did not know this until I tried to get off some seals!!! Anyhoo - I have a large griddle made my Presto that I use every Saturday morning to make pancakes. I plugged it in, turned the dial up to 325 or 350, let it get hot. then I take one cap and put it on the griddle and watch it - it only takes about 7 seconds or so. I can see the middle get kind of transparent and then it spreads to the sides. When it does, I pick it upwith a needle nose pliers, hold it with a hot pad mitten and pry the seal up with a tweezers I have for applying gemstones. Worked every single time. What I found is that I was putting them on the griddle for WAY TOO LONG and was getting a melted MESS!!!! I threw a ton away! It does not take long at all. Turn the griddle up, and watch for the change in the transparency, get it off and peel. Voila!
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