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Default How do you attach clips to cotton beanies

I saw someone here post that they put button holes in their cotton beanies to attach flower clips too. I have tried atleast 15 times on one hat to do that!
NONE of them worked, thankfully I am only ruining 1 hat! LOL

The material keeps getting stuck. It is great on just cotton material but I guess it has something to do with the double thickness and the stretchyness of the hat?

I do not sew much. So need some help, please!

I usued to just glue on the flowers or the bows onto the hats, but I had a few people at a show say they would have loved to get some, but would have needed to wash them and couldn't with the flowers attached.

What else can I do, so that the flowers or bows, can come off the hat to wash them? I also have some curly puffs that I would like to get on some of the hats. So frustrated, now I remember why I don't sew hardly ever!
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