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Default Re: Making my 1st bottle cap RIGHT NOW ...

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
My question...I made my first batch, and it's been a couple of days since I did the ET...But, it looks like I didn't use enough of it. Can I apply more ET to the finished caps? I have a nice glaze on the middle of the caps, but the outer edges have nothing!!

Also, how long do you normally spend blowing out the bubbles? I only watched them for 30 minutes or so, but they still ended up with bubbles.

They are fun, and relatively easy to make, but there are a lot of steps to them!!

yea just apply right over it, and i don't blow my bubbles out i use a lighter over them and it pops them, also i have heard of using a heat embosser to pop the bubbles, i haven't tried that yet but will on my next batch of caps =)
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