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Angry I am HATING ET Lite with flattened caps...what am I doing wrong????

I am so frustrated!!!! My caps yesterday were ruined. I am using flattened caps and they came out cloudy so I chalked it up to a) not allowing enough time for the mod podge to dry to the back of the image and b) not mixing the product perfectly. I admit, I was overly anxious so I'm sure I rushed through things.

So yesterday afternoon, I mod podged images to just a small group of caps. I let them dry overnight so they would for sure by dry by morning. Sure enough, they are dry and the images are secure. I mixed my ET Lite using a scale to ensure exactly the same amount of each part. I mixed exactly 2 mins like it says. I poured it on the caps, watched diligently to get any bubbles out. I even have a space heater in my craft room, which tends to get chilly, to ensure an appropriate room temperature. I watched those caps like a hawk. Now, I just checked them again - 5 hours later mind you - and it looks like tiny little "glitter" like speckles around the edges!! No cloudiness and no bubbles, but these tiny speckles - which I guess could be super tiny mini bubbles.

I swear, I want to give up!!! I don't know what in the world I am doing wrong. Is this more difficult with flattened caps? I love the way they look, but I swear I did not have this problem with the regular caps. Anyone have any advice? Especially those of you that work with flattened caps??
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