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Default Re: Making my 1st bottle cap RIGHT NOW ...

Originally Posted by auntto4 View Post
I am also new to bottle caps, If I make mine this way, does that mean that I don't have to use diamond glaze or any of the other 'sealers' people talk about...Just stick it down with the xyon and then seal with modgepodge and done? If so, I could get started now???

(Sorry, I didn't mean to take over your thread, it was supposed to be a quick question....I better just stop talking now)
no you will still need a sealer, the modgepodge is not water proof, i use etlite but there is also a new one out there colors doming resin or something like that i haven't tried it yet, i have used diamond glaze and still have a 1/2 bottle left but will probally never use it cause i had tooo many troubles with bubbles!!!
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