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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
Yeah I took everything out. Here's my little green one but I haven't attached it to anything yet.

The RIT is less than $3 at Walmart or JoAnn's. I bought the liquid. I need to go get the lt pink upstairs and inspect it because it is soooo light. I'm just not sure why it didn't take as well because it was only 55% polyester and my brown one dyed better and it was more I think but in the pan it was pretty dark.
Hmmm...I bought the powdered Rit and it worked pretty good. I wonder if there is a difference between the powder and the liquid?
I tossed the box my elastic came I cannot remember how much polyester was in it. I know it was Singer 1/4"
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