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Default Re: heat n bond lite vs. iron on vinyl

Originally Posted by briellasnana View Post
What? You use heat n bond on cheer bows? I haven't ever made a cheer bow, but what is the bonding purpose.
Is there a reason you don't just use plain ribbon for bows?
Just wondering because someone had asked my daughter if she ever makes cheer bows, so I need to warn her if she makes them, she doesn't make them wrong!

Is the vinyl heatbond what people put onto aprons to make them water proof? I have been wanting to try to make a cute little apron, but would like the water proof stuff on them. I can't wait to be able to have my little grand daughter help her Nana bake!
I use heat and bond on cheer bows to bond all the different layers together. Yes I do use plain ribbon too and heat and bond would not be neccessary if i only had one layer of ribbon. But when you wanna make a three layer bow for example you want a 3" red ribbon on bottom then a different color on top of that you would use heat and bond lite to fuse the ribbon together. hope that this helps.

I still have no idea what vinyl heatbond does so I was wondering if anyone knew if it would work better on cheer bows when fusing 3 layers together to make your cheer bows less stiff.
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