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Default Re: heat n bond lite vs. iron on vinyl

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
My personal preference is the heat n bond. I normally fuse heat n bond to ribbon of the same color sequined fabric I plan to use then iron the ribbon to the fabric. After that I use a rotary cutter to cut the ribbon out. It always has worked well for me that way.

Most squads I have made bows for prefer to have their bows stiff. However, I too have heard about usuing the iron-on vinyl, but have never tried it. I have only used that for interiors on shoe bags for my daughters cheer shoes.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.
Thank you! but when you said cut the ribbon out do you mean that you entirely separate the sequin fabric from the ribbon that you used to fuse the two together?

I've been wondering because when it comes to doing 3 layer bows esp with sequins my bow becomes stiff to the point where it just looks odd. I've heard that iron on vinyl makes it more flexible but I'm not sure if I'm ready to stray away from heat and bond lite and experiement with it. If anyone has any experience with it though, please tell me how it goes! Tryout seasons are coming up
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