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Default Re: How do you get images printed of tiles and such

OK - yes 8x10 are always more expensive, unless of course, you print at home. WG has specials almost weekly on 4x6's and sometimes run specials on 8x10's (buy one get one)

When I buy from graphics people on Etsy, I ask them if they can put them into 4x6 size. I have only had one person say he could not do it unless he charged me $2 a sheet. thanks. So a friend of mine did it for me. I could have as well, but was being lazy.

Anyhoo - yes, many people hand draw a lot of graphics that are amazing. We all have favorites! If you run into that problem again, just shoot a note to the person on Etsy and explain the situation to them, and they usually have an acceptable release that the store will accept.
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