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I have heard of 2 ways to do so. I believe there are more spefic instructions somewhwer on this site hoever theis is what I am going to try. There is a 2 part liquid item that if you glue you picture to the cap then spread or dab this resin like liquid over it it will hard and be clear. I have some of the resin and I just bought the 1 inch punch 2 days ago so I will have to try it. The other product I heard was ok was Diamond glaze or something like that. it also drys clear. to attch the photo I heard to use e6000 glue. to remove bubbles if using the first item use a needle but do it over paper unless you want to ruin the table you are working on. If I have time this weekend and you have not tried yet I will tell you how it goes. Maybe someone can enlighten us both? good luck in the meantime
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