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Originally Posted by allstarcheergirl View Post
I can make you one!
By fusion tape do you mean heat n bond? That's what you need to use to attach the sequin fabric to ribbon. Most people use the heat n bond lite so it doesn't get too stiff. The length of ribbon you need really just depends on how big you want the bow to be, how long you want the tails, etc. You can take a long piece of ribbon and fold one to the size you want, mark the spot if you need to and then undo it and measure how much ribbon you used. Somewhere between 20" and 30" should be good for a standard 2-loop cheer bow

I wish! Try outs start in the morning That's why I was gonna try one myself. If she makes it, they order TONS for the whole year but I wanted her to have a cute one for try outs so she might stand out a little I may try one tonight. Thanks for your help!!!!
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