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Default Re: Sweet baby sessions from this week!

Originally Posted by Angelsx3 View Post
nope no one will pay! cheapos! I do them for free for my own products. but its exhausting and time consuming. I am definately reconsidering charging at least something for my time.
Where are you? I know one of my co-workers' sisters lives in the midwest (I'm in OH but I think she lives in Wisconsin or one of the Dakotas) anyway....she doesn't get a ton of business at home but she's built enough of a reputation through word of mouth that when she comes to OH to visit....there are people lining up.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford her.

Good look....I hope you find a way to make a profit b/c you're pics (and products) are really good.

Once I get serious about my site...I'd love to contact you for pics.
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