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Default Re: Help with bottle cap project for girls.

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
I saw that thread and I am going to going to try that stuff! It sounds better than the adhesive. I am afraid the little girls will have trouble getting the backing off and placing the image on the cap evenly. That's why I think the mod podge would be better because the girls can work with it longer before it dries.

I posted that thread and it is fantastic stuff! After I read this, I tried my own suggestion again about peeling the backing and then putting it back on before you punch it. I punched out 2 and they came off quite easily since they were loosened. The down side is, though, that once it's stuck, IT'S STUCK!! They wouldn't be able to move the image.

Don't have to many other ideas about how to do it, just wanted to stick in my 2 cents about the moving the image part.
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