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Default Re: Need opinions please!!

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
On the tie shirt... I like 3... The pics are great did you take them yourself? Cute boys by the way...

I do like the tie.. I don't know about needing a plain shirt.. I can see the tie just fine.. A plain shirt wouldn't look at trendy I think.... I like 2 of the baseball tie.
Yes, I took them, thank you! I get great light in my hall way in the afternoon. 2 is my fav as well of the baseball tie!

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
oh no... I like both 2-3 of the tie shirts.. Your son looks like a character!
He is a crazy man. Never still for a minute! Most every picture I have of him some part is blurry because something is always moving. LOL

Originally Posted by julia44 View Post
I'm not help but man you got some little heart breakers right there lol. They're so adorable!
Thank you!! I AM NOT looking forward to the teenage years...its going to be interesting!
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