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Default Help with bottle cap project for girls.


I am a girl scout leader and I am helping out our service unit with a campout. They want the girls to make bottle cap necklaces. I am trying to find the easiest way to do that without having product that only last about a week. The girls are kindergarteners thru high schoolers and they will only have about 20 mins. We are doing the washer with the magnets necklace to make things easier. I have made bottle caps with using the xyron sticker machine or mod podge then coating them with resin. What way do you think is easier? mod podge the cap and put the image on or use my xyron and have them pull it pastic off and stick onto the cap. I am afraid that the 5 yr olds would not be able to get that plastic off and align the sticker. Also, what would be the best way for them to coat the top. Resin is out of the question. Mod podge? Crystal lacquer? The other leader suggested the pop dots but they are expensive. Okay all you experts, I need help!!! LOL!!!

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