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Default Re: Tutu help...please!

Originally Posted by TutuFrilly View Post
I use a 20" waist and a 13" length. As far as colors go it's so hard! I am attaching one of my best sellers that is a medium pink, white and yellow and also another tutu that is not really rainbow but it's bright and fun. Maybe they will give you ideas or inspiration! Have Fun!
How do you get your's so fluffy? Is it a matter of separating the layers more, or do you do different length layers? Mine come out good, but not as fluffy as those. I lay three stripes on top of each other and use a square knot to tie them on to 3/4" elastic. Should I do something different. I have to make super fluffy white ones for my photography right now so I need to know what to do differently. Thanks.
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