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Default Re: Korker ribbon question

Originally Posted by PandaBren View Post
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask and it's a dumb question I'm sure . I've never done Korkers before. When I see ads that show korker ribbon that is 1 yd does that mean 1 yd before curiling or after?

Usually it's measured before curling, but it's always good to ask the seller. Most people don't have an oven large enough to curl on a yard long rod (even diagonally - at least I know I don't ). You may also want to ask what diameter rod was used to curl the ribbon (I like to use 1/4 inch for a tight curl). After the ribbon is curled, it will be about half as long as it was before curling, so 1 yard uncurled is about 18-20 inches long after curling. You should plan to get 6 to 8 pieces (depending on how big you want the bow) out of each 1 yard strand, and plan on using maybe 30 pieces per bow (more or less for desired fullness). I use about 5 yards of ribbon per bow, but you could use anywhere from 3-7 yards.

There are lots of free korker instructions on the internet and threads on the topic on this forum, just search.

Good luck!


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