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Default Re: What used to take me hours

Originally Posted by HJCSMOMMY View Post
Mine haven't seemed to lift and I have had no complaints so until something goes wrong (I'm crossing my fingers this NEVER happens LOL) I will continue to use it

I got the tape from and she only has one size for sale, I don't know what size it is though.

I love RH ribbon-it's an addiction Do you really think they'd sale buy themselves? I've always added a matching bow. If so how should I price them?
Ya, I really think IF it is the right ribbon, it would sell by itself! I know my daughter is planning on leaving some just ribbon for my grand baby. Some of them would be so cute! I LOVE the tiny appliques too, but it is worth a shot, keep the prices low enough, some mom might just eat them up! Well buy them up, they might not taste that good! LOL
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