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Default Re: What used to take me hours

For those having issues with the double sided tape, are you using Sealah or the Specialty Tape? Not some other stuff? You need to use actual Sealah/Specialty Tape. If you are using scrapbooking tape, or some other stuff (sewing type stuff) it WILL NOT hold!! I have used 2 rolls of the Specialty Tape and have not had any problems. My 6yo dd can even use it to line clippies (she makes them for her friends for bdays etc. At that age, they don't care if it's not totally lined up, and my dd loves that she made them herself). There's been a few times that the ribbon was WAY off when my dd lined a few, so I tried to pull them apart to reline and it was a pain in the BUTT to get it off to reattach!!
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