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Default Re: Help... covered button bobby pins...

Originally Posted by PaperDolls View Post
Here are some pics...

Should I attach the pin closer to the edge of the button and not in the center? I did it in the center for stability, but maybe not?

The pins are 2in in length- maybe that is the problem? I have more pins coming soon- hopefully to me within the week- and maybe they will be longer. I didn't pay much attention to the pin length when I purchased. I figured they were all pretty much the same, but maybe not.

I just think maybe I need #36 buttons instead.... sigh....

THANK YOU all for any opinions!

Pat- I got your PM... will PM you back.

I use size 45 for my bobby pins and they are fine. I know some pins are smaller than others, so ya maybe you should try a bigger pin?
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