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Default No Slip Clips - Need Help

I've been experimenting with everyone's ideas of using different types of slip grips for the clippies. The only problem is, I can't decide which one I like the best. Here's a list of the ones I have tried. Please give me your opinion on which ones you like and why. I've been stressing about this for a few days now and would like to make a decision on what to use since it has delayed my bow making =( Thanks in advance!

1. Plastic Tubing - Pros: Very easy to use and easy to find. Got this idea from a fellow member here. No problems attaching since you just slide them through the bottom of the clip. Cons: Not sure if it holds too well compared to other slip grips and it is removable which can be dangerous if a child gets a hold of.

2. Foam - Pros: Easy to glue on the lined clip and will not fall off or tear off. Cons: It is a bit thick. Holds a little better than the tubing I think but not as well as the grip mat/liner.

3. Grip Mat/liner - Pros: Holds very well and comes in a variety of colors. Cons - I really have no idea how to attach it to the clip except for hot glue, but then it can peel off so easily =(

Is there another way to attach the grip mat/liner to the clip?

Okay any opinion, advice & help would be great!
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