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Default Re: If you make bottlecaps, check this out!!

Originally Posted by coleycole22 View Post
I think I will have to try this...can you order it offline..I dont have a michaels near where I live. Also, would you consider doing a tut on it? If you are could you please PM me, I really want to start making bottle caps and i see that your necklaces are clored and I love that and cant find those anywhere! thanks Nikki-
Sorry ~ I just saw this reply.

I don't know if you can get it online anywhere. I'd be glad to pick some up for you and mail it if you'd like.

I get my colored necklaces from group buys here. They totally things look prettier!!

Originally Posted by mom2tylerandali View Post
I bought some of this, and, for the life of me, couldn't peel off the backing. It was taking FOREVER, so I finally just put it up. I looked for this thread again and couldn't find it---so I'm glad it's here now. What did I do wrong???
Hmmmm . . . I had that problem the first time but once I realized where the edge was, it just came up. Try unpeeling it before you cut, stick it back down, and then punch it out. It will break the bond a little and it should come off easier.

Let me know.

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
Do you think it adheres better than Xyron? The reason I ask, is that I use flattened bottle caps and the xyron doesn't adhere right. The images lift up after awhile and I think this is due to the fact that the flattened bottlecaps bottom seem to be pushed up a little (the are not completely flat). I use the mod podge but it tends to slide and takes longer to dry. Do you use anything else to seal the bottlecaps before the ET is put on. I heard you need to seal the images so I have been covering the bottle, top and sides with mod podge before I attached them to the bottom. Do I need to do that? I read that I need to seal the images because the chemical will seep through and ruin the image.
Thanks, Sue
I think it works WAAAY better than the Xyron. Flattened caps tend to have uneven bottoms, but the stickum (is that a word) on this is so strong that even if 100% of it doesn't stick, it still doesn't move.

I don't put anything on my images before I put the ET on them. I have my images printed at Costco so they are on photo paper. Never had one bleed or get weird.

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