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Default Re: Photographer thread

Originally Posted by jennaro11 View Post
Great idea! I'm Jenny - have to girls - Chloe 2.5 and Aubrey 8 months.

My turn around depends on the girl and if i have others before yours. I will try and let you know in advance what turnaround time your looking at.

Chloe could be a couple weeks depending on how much you send and her mood. Please know that if you send multiple things for Chloe it will take alittle longer. She only gives me a couple changes with each session before she gets her toddler attitude LOL

Aubrey usually can be done in about a week.

I send updates throughout until you receive your images so you will know what's going on.

The images will be sized to a 4x6 image and largest side will be 1000 pixels. If you need larger please let me know in advance. I have started water marking the images with YOUR store name. I don't really want anyone other then those that have sent products using the images on their sites so i hope that will elevate that issue.

I also periodically photograph other children and if i use your product again and the parents are okay i will send update images of your products.

Thanks for looking!
I love your photographs and would love to have you take some for me. How does it work, cost, etc?
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