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Default Re: Bottlecap resin question

Originally Posted by katiemommyof3 View Post
So is there a trick to ET Lite? It sounds like it's difficult. I saw mom2tylerandali's post and maybe it was just the title of her post, but now I'm really interested! I'm wondering though if it yellows over time like the Diamond glaze is said too. Anyone know? I want to order something today, so any info would be great! Thanks all for your responses!

I can tell you that I had bubbles galore with the ET Lite (although they were very easy to get out) AND you have to wait AT LEAST 24 hours for it to cure (some say longer---more like 2-3 DAYS). With the Colores Doming Resin, bubbles are not an issue at all----I had literally a couple teeny tiny ones that surfaced very easily with a lighter---AND I've already done 2 batches TODAY that are rock hard---just like Chrissie's caps. It costs a little more, but it's sooooooo worth it to me, since the ET Lite totally defeated me!!!!
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