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Default Re: Wholesaling-any tips for speed??

Originally Posted by thespotteddot View Post
Okay girls, I've started making my bows wholesale for this lady and she needs about 100 bows every couple of weeks. I'm talking stacked bows on clips. I've also had a couple other large orders come in. I hate to turn down orders because everything I make from my bows is extra we can put away for our plans to adopt. I teach full time so I'm coming home and doing
nothing but making bows. I enjoy them but not that much, lol. Any of you out there have any tips on making bows faster? TIA!!

I have a schedule. I make a certain thing on a certain day. Like Monday, I make 3" twisteds, just tie up a bunch throw em in a tote. Next day, 5" twisteds, tie em up, throw em in another tote. Next day, make a bunch of spikes (coordinate your sets with what you have made). Next day, assemble. Basically, if you do it right, you can have one day to cut and seal, one for 3", one for 5", one for Spikes, and one for assembly. Then you have the weekends free. Anytime I have spare time, I sit and just tie my twisteds. So then, when I have an order some in, I can grab the bows and assemble however they made need assembled.
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