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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by pookilicious View Post
ok - i've been losing my mind over this and here's what i finally came up with . . . i went to joann's and michaels today. so fun! joann's has 1/8" braided elastic by the yard at $0.39/yard in white and black. i bought rit liquid dye and dyed the elastic. michaels had some interesting (IMO) stemmed flowers that i took apart and attached to the headband.

here's the final product . . . PLEASE tell me your honest opinions. very little offends me
L O V E it!!!! We don't have a Joann's here in Canada. Went today to try and find elastic but all we have is packaged and from what i've read here is the type that won't dye. What material is the braided elastic made out of? Does it have good stretch?
Would love to know more about the type of flower that you purchased because I really like the way it looks and we have Michaels here. Did you add anything to the center?

Thanks for posting!!!
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