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Default Re: Images on bottle caps

No doubt it's VERY illegal, but half of the crafters on here and elsewhere are selling the bottle caps on bows and making necklaces out of them AND selling just the images on Ebay. I plan to sell what I make out of them when I get them in. I guess if the makers of Twilight (and any other copyrighted image) wanted to, they could hunt down each and every person and send out C&D letters, but that would take them FOREVER to do that.

The only person I've heard about on here that got "hunted down" was the member who was making jewelry out of USED (and actual) bottle caps from beer bottles.

You have to make the decision.

Originally Posted by momfrost View Post
What are the rules on selling images on bottle caps, etc. I would love to sell some bows with bottle caps, but I dont want to get in trouble with copy right laws. I also make jewelry and I want to sell twilight Jewelry in the store that I make bows for, but I don't know if that's illegal. I see people selling that kind of stuff all over the internet, but my husband says he thinks it illegal. Help!!
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