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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
OK! After hours upon hours of searching, I have not found anything smaller than this that is as stretchy. I got the new sample today and love it! It is soooo soft and stretchy and much lighter on the head than the satin. Sorry for the not-so-good-pic though-Brynn was all cuddled in her bed and I made her come down to model We got busy after school so I didn't get a chance to do it sooner!

that is adorable. do you know how wide it is? it looks like 1/4". i also searched for hours until my eyes were burning fr 1/8" elastic in colors. all i could find was white and black so i have to assume that the white can be dyed. i also emailed the etsy seller of those headbands to ask about the flower - where she gets them and/or if she would be willing to sell me some. it was really the last resort. she said no no source revealed and wouldn't sell them to me. i'm off to joann to look for 1/8" white elastic and some rit dye. i'll let you know how it goes!
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