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Default Re: Weird smiles from kids

LMAO! That is so wierd! I'm just cracking up because that is exactly what happened with my 5 yo... She has the most gorgeous natural smile, but she turned 5 and suddenly she looks like she's just sucked a lemon and is trying to force a smile thorugh the pucker! Lately, she has, thankfully, started to revert back to her normal smile most of the time. But for awhile there, I went from taking 50 pics a week to sometimes just giving up for the week. LOL.

Anyone's kids go through a wierd face phase at about 2 or 3? Before the lemon face, she had a funny face stage. She made this face where she'd show her gums & squint her eyes (as a matter of face, I have the pics of the first time she did it below), and we laughed at her. From then on, for about a year, year & a half, that was almost the only face she made when a camera came near unless you made her laugh & brought her natural smile out. We made it through that, then lemonface struck...

why did I write a novel???

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