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Default Re: Braided head band question

Originally Posted by Tabitha3 View Post
Does anyone use the UB 1/2" head bands? I have a boatload that I bought to use for braided head bands (not woven). I bought instructions, but the length that is given is way off (comes up too short). Would anyone have the correct length of ribbon to use for this particular brand head band?

Ha HA! I figured out multi quoting! LOL

Originally Posted by roxiej View Post
Make sure you are braiding tightly enough. There should be give to your braid as well so that it will stretch to make it fit the headband. Which instructions did you use?
Roxie, I have Bowsnbling and MandTFarms (both from YCMT)

Originally Posted by aliciaandbabies View Post
I just braid it on the spool and cut it when I have the right length of braid.
Alicia ... it hit me a little while later after I posted this ... just keep it on the spool and cut when done ... DUH! LOL
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