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Default Re: I need advice on Diamond Glaze

Originally Posted by Sweet Baby Michele View Post
I use diamond glaze for my bottlecaps and had the same problem as you when I first started.
It just takes patience and practice. I always squeeze a tiny bit out onto scrap paper before I start to ensure there are no starting bubbles, then go SLOWLY around the outside of the image on the cap. Then I "fill" in the inside. I usually don't have any bubbles, but if I do, I get them with a straight pin. Some people run a lighter over them, but my tiny bubbles aren't phased by the heat... lol
Then check on them in a few minutes to make sure no bubbles have formed as it dries. Also, make sure you make them in an area with no airflow. Our central heating and air even will affect mine.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice!! I was starting in the middle and going out - I will try the other way around. I will also try the lighter to try and pop some of the bubbles, but it may be too late now for the ones I started this morning (but I guess I can't hurt them too much now!).
It's kind of cold in my craft room too, think that could effect them??
Also, I've tried a the straight pin and a toothpick trying to pop those bubbles and those aren't working, only on the bigger ones.

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