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Default Re: How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--2--Creasing & Attaching Clip

Originally Posted by valchoo View Post
to explain, these were posted as basic bow in your website in the basic bow section. that's why i was confused.
you think you were confused??!?!?!?! So was I!

All the basic bows were done first...their pics were uploaded first. The boutique I just started on a few weeks later. So how they switched...I don't know.

Then, when I went to fix them, it went the other way with the boutique being the basic. I thought I would scream! They were in two different file folders but the picture name was the same due to the same color...I had to change the picture name. Well, whatever, I think I have it fixed now. Now I understand what you were talking about. And I am usually so sharp (NOT! lol!)

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