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Default Re: Calling all Charlotte ladies!!

Originally Posted by BeyondStitches View Post
Wow! you've been there for 3 years already! We've been member of the Y since we moved to Charlotte about 3.5 years ago. So far, I've only volunteer for special events. I just finished doing my Child Abuse Training online so I can start volunteering at the Reception. Next time I go to the Morrison I'm going to ask for you. What's your schedule like? I was planning to go to cardiofunk tonight but I'm a little under the weather

I only have one son and he is 8 and 1/2 (3rd grade). I don't belong to Charlottemommies. Is that another online forum? Or do you guys get together somewhere?

So glad I found you here!!!
Yeah I started when Ava was 9 weeks old. It has been so good for her. She will be going to preschool there next year. I work m-w in the morning. I work 8:30-12:00. I'm going in a bit to take cycle. I looked at your facebook and your crocheting is amazing!!!! I can knit a bit but it takes too long. I'll have you make some things for the kids
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