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Default Re: Calling all Charlotte ladies!!

Originally Posted by mar-leabowtique View Post
I am about 15 minutes west of Charlotte in Stanley...30 minutes from Ballantyne, gotta love 485! Yeah we should find someone to teach us!!
I have made some but they are not that great!

BTW, I love Mary Joes I actually just went yesterday and got a bunch of fabric for pillowcase dresses. Do you do any shows??
How sad am I that i don't know where Stanley is. I do a few shows but I have become super picky since so many were a bust. Now I will only do them if it's not the first year of the show and they have no more than 1 other bow maker. I went to one show and there was like 4 of us selling sucked. I started the farmer's market in ballantyne last spring it ran 6 months. It will be starting again in may. It is every Tuesday from 4-8. It was really good for me last year and the great thing is that will not allow other bow makers so I don't have to worry about that. Do you do any shows? The ladies southern Christmas would be a good one but I know it is expensive. I hope we can find someone since our class is getting bigger
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