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Default Re: Anyone have any cute easter bow instructions?

Well, I was currently thinking the whole Easter Basket idea my self too. I was going to go on the premise of starting out with a bottom similar to the cupcake base. Then adding a handle, maybe 1/8th" wide would do or maybe braid three 1/8th" to make a handle...similar to the butterfly scrap ribbon clippie instructions found on here. Then for grass taking 1/8th" ribbon again only in a bright green and make a korker out of it. That way you can lay your "grass" anyway you want out of the basket. As for can free cut with your wood burner some ovals. Decorate or just go for the pastels, even swiss dot ribbon maybe. Also I was thinking of making a "chick" to put in the basket if big enough...or enough room that taking maribou and snipping a small piece. Fabric tack or hot glue 2 little squiggly eyes and an small orange triangle for a beak. Then tuck the chick into the "grass".

I will try to work on an actual model and if successful, take a pic and post it.

Good luck with your ideas too!
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