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Default Re: Calling all Charlotte ladies!!

Originally Posted by BeyondStitches View Post
Hi Yvonne, What a small world!!! I live in the Ballantyne area as well. I'm still working on that twisted boutique hair bow. I was just posting on another thread about it. I can't seem to get the 4 loops even. I just started making hair bows a few months ago. I'm better with the ribbon sculptures but they take forever. I do a lot of pinwheel bows as well.

Hey, I read in another post that you work at the Y? Which one? I spend most of my days at the Y. I'm addicted to zumba. During the day, I usually go to the Siskey. At night, I go to Morrison. I'm also a volunteer at the Morrison Y. We should get together one of these days

Take care,
I work at the Morrison Y in the cepc. How funny we have probably passed each other in the halls. I am always in the nonmobile room (the one with the big window). I have been there for 3 years now. Yeah we should get together! Do you have kids? I have 2 ava is 3 and Andrew will be 1 in a couple of weeks. Yay so excited ohhh are you on charlottemommies? I'm on there too and I'm in the south group.
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