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Default Re: Anyone have the Brother SE350?

Originally Posted by mbles View Post
in one week you won't be happy with doing just an inital on a bow!
Ah so true!!!!
My first machine had a 4x4 hoop and I figured out real fast that it was way to small.
I thought I was only going to do small designs and I would be happy with it forever! LOL So not true. I very quickly bought another machine, one with a 6x10 hoop and have never regretted it.
I have the magic box and software for transferring designs and a couple of extra cards. I guess I should sell that tho cause I will never use it.
Not that anyone asked but my advice is buy the machine with the biggest hoop you can afford. You will never be sorry you have a large size hoop but you sure will with a small one.
Jenni in CA

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