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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by kozzy bottoms View Post
so if we we were to buy a 1/8 elastic we could just dye it? is that what she did for her skinny headbands? I never thought about doing dye on elastic
Well, the polyester elastic that you get in the store won't dye. It basically has to be a nylon. The little sample snip I got was a lot more stretchy and had been dyed a light pink. That sample is what I've been talking to her about for the last few days and was under the impression that she had more colors of it in stock by the way she was talking because I had been telling her what colors we were interested in. Then when I specifically asked so that I could get an idea of what to request while I was waiting on the sample, she said she only had the lt pink but would check in for the other colors. I should get the sample tomorrow, so I will wait to make sure that one would be better than the satin. The satin is really a good quality and is stretchy, but not as soft/light as FOE. The light pink sample I'm waiting on is just a tad thinner (not as wide) as the satin, but they are closer to 1/4". The light pink looks thinner because it's not as thick as the satin, but that is the thinnest she had that could be dyed.
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