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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by DelaMay09 View Post
Your photos are cute. The headbands look a little wide tho can we get them thinner?

Oh a flower note I found some zinia(sp?) type flowers at JA's tonight. There are 11 buds on the stem and out of those there are 4 larger blooms, 4 small blooms and 3 iddy biddyblooms. I can post a photo if anyone wants to see? I also picked up some other blooms I thought might work nicely with the headbands.
Oh and on a super side note I scored some Gerber Daisys at Michaels tonight for $.99 a piece woot woot. Okay as you were lol.
Yeah, I said in an earlier post I'm waiting on a thinner sample to compare. I'm a little ticked though because I had been talking to her for about 3 days about it being dyeable, etc. and I emailed her the other day to see what other colors she has in stock and it's only that light pink and she'll have to see about getting others-urgh. I was wondering what the heck she thought we were talking about for 3 days after requesting that sample! Oh well, it went out Tuesday because of the Holiday so I expect it tomorrow probably and then will go from there
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