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Default Re: Question about starching...

i just started baking & starching my bows. and its the best.
i followed a few steps that i read from a post.
one lady said she purchased these small glass bowls from the dollar tree store. these are helpful putting your surrounding loops in.
then i purchased stay-flo fabric stiffner. from winco.
and a spray bottle. put half fabric stiffner and half water in the bottle.
arrange your bows on a cookie sheet. bake at 275 for 20 min.
then spray bows with fabric stiffner. completly drench them. then put back in the oven for ten minutes. turn off oven for this step.
sorry im not that great at instructions. but i hope that helps.
it helped me. and im so thankful i had the help from the other wonderful ladies on this site!!

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