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Default Re: Help with clippies, please!

Originally Posted by tyeeshawebb View Post
I have never had this problem at all. No lumps, no show through, anything. I always hot glue my clips. What I do is line a small amount of glue on the ribbon, add the clip, and then continue in small amounts of glue until the clip is covered. Lining clips is one of my fav things to do...I got 1500 of them to do for princessfancypants!! LOL!
I have never thought to lined the ribbon with the glue! Too funny! I always line the clip and then put the ribbon on it. That is how my daughter showed me how, so that is how I have always do it now.

I will try this method. These appliques are just so adorable, then to see an ugly alligator clip under it, ick!
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