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Default Help with clippies, please!

Ok, so my daughter and I were trying to whip out a bunch of applique clippies today. We have never made just clippies, so fun!

Anyways, we were using single prong alligator clips, with 3/8" ribbon.
It looked good, but on the lighter colors, like light pink and white, you could see the glue and alligator clip underneath the ribbon.

Are we just using the wrong brand of ribbon? We spread our glue paper thin and smooth too. I can't even remember where we bought this ribbon, Michaels, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby, is my guess!

Funny we make the ribbon lined clippies for the flowers and bows all the time and don't think twice about it being see thru!

I would LOVE to hear how you clippie gals, deal with the lighter colored ribbon for the applique clippies! OH also, do most of you use the single or double pronged alligator clips.

I sure like these appliques from quinnponders! Super cute!
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