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I have learned alot about pricing items, mrket does play some what of a factor. I live and NM and I wouldn't say our economy is booming. But there are 2 other boutique's in town one charges $45 for a Kufi and flower the other one charges $29. The one who sell's the kufi for $45 also sells petti's for $95 and there always sold out. People will pay for item's they want and if they say well I saw it online for xyz I have the flexability to adjust my prices if I choose. And if you sell a few at the higher price well that's great I was thinking of selling them for $12.50 and $15.00 for this show I have coming up it's a pretty exclusive event. I will be raising all of my prices for this show to help cover the cost of the booth
Originally Posted by rufflesandribbon View Post
I love the pastel fairy wings too but really do you think people will pay more than $10 for them? I guess it depends on your market. I think $10 would be about my top price.
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