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Default Re: uurrgghhh crochet

Originally Posted by lroberts324 View Post
I really want to do this, I watched the video so I thought I would get some yarn and hooks went to walmart and bought a set...Instructions, hooks and some other doohicky's I just don't think I get it the slip seems the same as the single.. haven't tried the double it just looks like a bunch of frickin knots....
Ok, I can't help much, but I'm going to try. I crocheted a little bit when I was younger & just picked it back up after reading a few posts on here & another craft board. Anywho, I've been watching the videos as well. The slip stitch doesn't involve wrapping the yarn over the needle once you pull it thru the whole. When you do a single crochet, you push the hook thru, wrap the yarn, pull it thru & then wrap the yarn over again before you oull it thru the other loop on the hook.

I'm sure that was clear as mud. I also just bought some stuff at Wally World and am trying to make a beanie hat.

Good Luck

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