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Default Re: fabric and organza "singed" flowers?

Originally Posted by allstarcheergirl View Post
I tried some today and the organza didn't really curl up as well as the satin type. I probably didn't do it right anyway, mine looked a little flat. Do you cut all the pieces the same size or make different sizes and stack from big to small?
Oh and I was at Joanns getting my fabric for this (nice 50% off presidents day sale too) and some of the satin / organza said "flammable" on the label, but other similar ones didn't say that. It was all 100% polyester too. I didn't get any that said "flammable" .. would those be ok or would the material go up in flames?
All poly is flammable, it is a plastic the key is not letting it touch the flame, if it DOES, anything with poly will catch fire
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