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Default Re: ? Layering Ribbon

Originally Posted by thespotteddot View Post
I thought there was someone on here who used that, but I couldn't remember who. Do you just dot every so often or do you put a solid line down the entire length of ribbon.
I put one solid line down the entire length of the ribbon, smear the glue with my finger(this thins it out so it doesn't soak through the top ribbon). After you attach your 2 ribbons together, you will need to wait just a couple minute(2-5 minutes) and let the ribbons adhere together before folding into your bow.
HINT...If you wait too long, the ribbon becomes hard and unmanageable. I really like this method because after the bow(glue) is dry, there is no need to spray it with saves me a step this way.

I may try the glue stick! Sounds like a very good idea. TY

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